About akampion

Telling your company´s story is not an easy job - but it is crucial for reaching your corporate goals. Wouldn´t it be great to find a committed partner to define and convey your story in a powerful way? Someone who provides you with a fresh, un-biased perspective and successfully connects you to corporate partners, the media and the investment community?

akampion’s own story started in 2006 with two observations: most companies had no clue how they were perceived by the outside world and most corporate stories were not told convincingly and coherently enough. Our previous roles as Senior Editor of BioCentury and Head of Investor Relations at Micromet had provided us with essential insights what sets successful companies with a strong reputation apart from the rest of the industry. Based on our comprehensive experiences and numerous case studies, we have developed a clear-cut approach to working with our clients. akampion’s Triple C approach builds on a unique combination of established communication techniques, networking and storytelling elements. It is simple, but effective – and covers three synergistic core activities: create, convey, connect.