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HpVac reports positive effects of its lead compound HpVac-R13 in a murine model of allergic asthma following oral administration

– Study results indicate beneficial effects on airway hyperresponsiveness, remodeling and inflammation

HpVac SA, a company developing novel preventive and therapeutic first-line therapies against allergic and inflammatory diseases, today announced positive results of its lead compound HpVac-R13 on airway hyperresponsiveness and inflammation in a murine model of allergic asthma.

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Dopavision Appoints Prof. Dr. Jens Ellrich as Chief Scientific Officer

– Leading translational medicine and neuroscience expert to head Dopavision’s research activities

Dopavision, a clinical-stage company pioneering the development of digitally delivered light-based therapeutics, today announced the appointment of Prof. Dr. Jens Ellrich as Chief Scientific Officer. Jens Ellrich brings a wealth of scientific knowledge and extensive experience in digital therapeutics, including new product development. He will spearhead Dopavision’s ambitious research and development activities for the Company’s lead product, MyopiaX®, Dopavision’s leading-edge digital therapeutic for childhood myopia control. The first-in-human clinical investigation of MyopiaX® is ongoing across Europe.

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Cellbox Solutions Raises EUR 6.5 Million in Series A1 Financing Round

– CK Ventures, Fraunhofer Ventures, NRW.Venture and Fil Bros join forces with renowned private investors

– Planned expansion of US business and launch of tailored cell therapy shipment solutions 

Cellbox Solutions GmbH, a healthcare company providing live cell logistics solutions for research, development and shipment of life-sustaining therapies, today announced the closing of a Series A1 financing round totaling EUR 6.5 million. The round was led by CK Ventures, supported by Fraunhofer Ventures and several new investors such as NRW.Venture, Fil Bros, and experienced private investors. Representatives of the new investors will take an active role on the board of the company and will be announced separately.

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Evonik and BellaSeno advance commercialization of 3D-printed, bioresorbable implants


— Expanded partnership of two leading innovators

— Resomer® used in commercial 3D-printed implants for both soft and hard tissue applications

— BellaSeno receives market authorization for fully resorbable implants – custom-made with Resomer®

Essen and Leipzig, Germany. Evonik and BellaSeno, a developer of 3D-printed absorbable scaffolds, are working together to commercialize innovative 3D-printed scaffolds for bone regeneration. The bone scaffolds are made with Evonik’s Resomer® polymers and are used for large and complex bone defects. Both companies initially began collaborating in 2019 on scaffolds for chest wall and breast reconstruction.

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