Company News: BellaSeno Announces First-In-Human Trial of its Novel, Absorbable Soft Tissue Reconstruction Scaffold and Granting of Key U.S. Patent

– First patient with Pectus Excavatum congenital defect has undergone surgery in Australia

– Minimally invasive procedure and fully absorbable scaffold expected to provide for improved safety and recovery

– Key U.S. patent granted for the design and porosity of Senella® platform

BellaSeno GmbH, an ISO 13485-certified medtech company developing absorbable scaffolds using additive manufacturing technologies, today announced the initiation of a first-in-human trial of its novel, absorbable soft tissue reconstruction scaffold (Senella®).

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Company News: Cardior Pharmaceuticals Demonstrates Reversal of Cardiac Hypertrophy by H19 Gene Therapy

— Administration of AAV9 expressing H19 attenuates cardiac hypertrophy in vivo and prevents progression to heart failure

— Details on novel mechanism of action published in peer-reviewed study in the European Heart Journal

Cardior Pharmaceuticals GmbH, a clinical-stage biotech company focused on the development of noncoding RNA (ncRNA) therapeutics for patients with cardiovascular diseases, today announced the results of extensive in vitro and in vivo studies demonstrating the therapeutic potential of H19 gene therapy to combat cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure. Read more…

Company News: Anergis and Virometix Announce Research Collaboration to Use Synthetic Virus-Like Particles for Ultra-Fast Allergy Immunotherapy


— Study is performed at the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research and supported by a TRANSVAC2 grant

Anergis SA, a company developing Contiguous Overlapping Peptides (COPs) for ultra-fast allergy immunotherapy, and Virometix AG, a company developing a new generation of vaccines and immunotherapeutic drugs, announced today that they have entered into a research collaboration. Read more…

German Corona Showcase, June 23-25, 2020

Watch out for the upcoming virtual German Corona Showcase!

akampion´s Ludger Wess will be chairing a session on June 25, 2020, starting at 12:50pm CET:

“How are the companies doing that are not working on the corona virus? How is the pandemic affecting their businesses?”

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