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Company News: bubbles & beyond presents product update and outlook at nanotech 2012

bubbles & beyond, a technology company focusing on customized intelligent fluids®, today announced that the company will present its current product portfolio and business strategy for 2012 at the upcoming nanotech 2012 conference in Tokyo, Japan (Feb. 15-17).

Intelligent fluids® are customized phase fluids, which are primarily designed for cleaning, separating and protecting surfaces. They significantly outperform competitive products in terms of efficiency and eco-friendliness. The technology platform is suitable for functional cosmetics, healthcare and industrial cleaning applications (construction, microelectronics, industrial solutions, print rolls, etc.). Products and processes based on intelligent fluids® are free from risky or dangerous substances and offer completely new application areas, significantly enhanced product characteristics and considerable process optimization in industrial settings.

In 2011, bubbles & beyond has reached major milestones, including the launch of its enpurex® cleansing product line for the printing industry, an important global distribution agreement with Rolf Meyer GmbH for the enpurex® line, and a development collaboration with JNC-CHISSO to create advanced cleansing solutions for the microelectronics sector. In addition, bubbles & beyond has established an advisory board of seasoned industry experts.

Company News: bubbles & beyond Expands Into I&I Sector, Signs Agreement with JNC Corporation

bubbles & beyond, a technology company focusing on customized intelligent fluids™, and the Japanese chemicals company JNC Corporation (formerly CHISSO) today announced an exclusive development collaboration on novel cleaning and stripping solutions for microelectronic devices.

Under the agreement, bubbles & beyond and JNC Corporation will jointly develop new solutions to facilitate and accelerate the complex cleaning processes for microelectronics. Within the next 18 months, both companies will identify and develop next-generation, sustainable cleaning and stripping agents suitable for the production of various microelectronics components, e.g. LCDs, OLEDs, plasma screens, motherboards, semiconductors, etc..

JNC Corporation receives an option to obtain the exclusive manufacturing and commercialization rights in Asia to any products resulting from the collaboration, while bubbles & beyond retains all product rights outside Asia. Moreover, bubbles & beyond receives alloted R&D payments during the collaboration.