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Company News: 365 Energy Selected as Provider of ChargePoint® Networked Charging Stations in Poland

365 Energy and partner Zohar Energy start collaboration with POLENERGIA

365 Energy today announced that its partner Zohar Energy has been chosen by Polish energy company POLENERGIA to support its expansion as a leading provider of infrastructure solutions for electric vehicles (EVs) in Poland. The first ChargePoint® Networked Charging Station was installed in Warsaw earlier this month. The ChargePoint stations are manufactured by US-based Coulomb Technologies. More information is available here.

Company News: 365 Energy Installs First Coulomb ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations for Ireland’s Electric Supply Board

European Market Expansion of 365 Energy Gains Further Momentum

365 Energy has announced the installation of the first Coulomb ChargePoint® Networked Charging Stations in Dublin, Ireland. The charging stations were provided to Ireland’s Electric Supply Board (ESB) and recently went live in the Dublin city centre. The installation of these charging stations is only the beginning of Ireland’s nationwide e-mobility infrastructure initiative. The ESB is planning to install charging stations in homes, on-street and along motor-ways throughout Ireland so that electric cars can be powered at a wide range of accessible venues.

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Food for Thought: Speedway – A New Electromobility Concept

To reduce the dependance of today’s mobility needs on fossil fuels, it is not enough to just change the energy source. As an example, the cruising range of today’s e-cars is sufficient for commuting, but still too small for traveling longer distances.

Enter Christian Foerg http://redir.ec/foerg , a young designer from Munich who just finished his diploma thesis at FH Munich with his “Speedway” electromobility concept. It is based on an electric vehicle which is supported by an external linear motor embedded beneath the pavement of conventional highways.
While the electric vehicle runs on battery power in towns and in the countryside, on the autobahn it is driven by a drifting magnetic field. The concept already is used in passenger carriers on airports (JFK’s Airtrain), in subways (Tokyo’s Toei Oedo line), and in Shanghai’s Transrapid train.

Foerg’s feasibility study calculates costs of 8.5 million Euros per highway kilometer to convert existing highways. This is in line with the costs of building or rebuilding conventional highways, ranging from 6 to 12 million Euros per kilometer. In Foerg’s concept, the highway still can be used by conventional cars and the system can be implemented step by step.

Company News: 365 Energy Enables Networked Roaming for EV Users in Europe

365 Energy and the cities of Amsterdam and Bochum have started operations of a novel, cross-country billing and roaming system. The platform allows for electric vehicles (EVs) to be charged in various European cities by using a single customer ID card issued by the municipalities. Due to the networked billing and roaming, EV users will not only be able to access ChargePoint™ Networked Charging Stations in Europe with the same ID, they will also receive an integrated invoice at the end of each billing period. There will be no extra charge for roaming, since these cities open their ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations for each other. In the near future, this will enable EV drivers to buy the electricity from their preferred provider.

The city of Amsterdam and the city of Bochum‘s public utility company Stadtwerke Bochum GmbH have been the first to install ChargePoint charging stations in the Netherlands and Germany, respectively, and are again front-runners to offer EV users this unique service. Other European cities, such as London and Lisbon and Milan are expected to follow. More at 365 Energy´s website.