Tag: Implant and Tissue Infections (ITI)

Company News: Curetis Prepares Launch of Second Unyvero™ Application

–      Final clinical performance evaluation study for Unyvero™ i60 ITI application ongoing

–      Study data expected by the end of Q1/2014

Curetis AG, a developer of next-level molecular diagnostic solutions, today announced that it has completed development of its second Unyvero™ application. The new Unyvero™ i60 ITI cartridge rapidly identifies more than 90 pathogens and more than 20 resistance markers common in implant and tissue infections. After successfully manufacturing several lots and completing initial verification testing of the cartridge, the Company has initiated a pivotal study using approximately 500 cartridges to validate analytical, technical and clinical performance for CE marking.

Following the completion of the study scheduled for end of Q1/2014, commercialization of the Unyvero™ i60 ITI is expected to begin in Q2/2014. Curetis will jointly market the cartridge with Heraeus Medical GmbH, the development and commercialization partner for this cartridge. Both companies have already received pre-orders from key opinion leaders and hospitals across central Europe.

The study will use frozen patient specimens – watery/swabs, viscous/purulent, sonication and synovial fluids, and biopsy material –  for diagnosis. The study will compare the molecular test with conventional microbial culture techniques. Discrepant or unexpected results will be resolved by additional tests. The study will also test assay repeatability and reproducibility and establish limit of detection.

Company News: Curetis to Present Clinical Unyvero™ Data at Major Scientific Conferences

–      Lower Respiratory Tract application: initial clinical evaluation data from U.S. center will be presented at ICAAC 2013 (USA)

–      New application Implant and Tissue Infections: first data will be presented at DGHM/DGI meeting (Germany)

Curetis AG today announced the upcoming presentation of new clinical data on two Unyvero™ applications at the 53rd Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC 2013) in Denver, CO (Sept. 10-13) and at the 65th Joint Annual Meeting of the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology and the German Society for Infectious Diseases (DGHM/DGI 2013) in Rostock, Germany (Sept. 22-25).

Curetis will introduce clinical data from a U.S. pre-FDA trial phase of its Unyvero™ LRT (Lower Respiratory Tract) infection application at the ICAAC conference. The poster ‘Evaluation of a Molecular Multiplex Test For Detection of Respiratory Microorganism and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Clinical Specimens[1] will present data generated at Northwestern Memorial Hospital (Chicago, IL) during the initial familiarization and training phase for the FDA trial. The FDA trial is now being conducted at four sites; all clinical data are blinded until completion of this ongoing trial which is expected for 2014. The LRT application is already marketed and branded outside the U.S. as the Unyvero™ P50 pneumonia application. During ICAAC, Curetis will also showcase its Unyvero™ Solution at booth no. 822 in the exhibition hall.

Moreover, Curetis will present data of its novel Unyvero™ i60 ITI application for the diagnosis of implant and tissue infections detecting pathogens and resistance markers at the annual DGHM/DGI meeting. The poster presentation ‘A new Multiplex PCR-Panel for the Detection of Pathogens Related to Implant and Tissue Infection’[2] will introduce the panel chosen for the diagnosis of eight indication areas and present initial validation and verification data with clinical samples. Curetis will also host the industry symposium ‘Implant and Tissue Infections – A Diagnostic Challenge’ (Sept. 24, 12:15-1:15pm, Auditorium 2) featuring talks and case studies by Prof. Petra Gastmeier (Berlin, Germany), Dr. Anne Thews (Holzgerlingen, Germany), Prof. Andrej Trampuz (Berlin, Germany), and Dr. Olivier Borens (Lausanne, Switzerland). A second poster based on data independently generated at the University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland will present a ‘Comparison of the Unyvero™ Pneumonia P50 Assay with standard culture and antimicrobial susceptibility testing’.[3]

[1] Presentation D-1655a, Session: #214 – Diagnosis and Epidemiology of Respiratory Infections, Sept. 13, 8:30-10:30am, Exhibit Hall A.

[2] Presentation DVP02, Postersession I (StAG Diagnostic Microbiology and Microbiology Procedures Quality Standards), Sept. 23,
3:00pm, Auditorium 1

[3] Presentation KMP14, Postersession II (StAG Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases), Sept. 24, 3:00pm, Room HS323.