Company News: Aleva Neurotherapeutics Awarded Grant from The Michael J. Fox Foundation

– Funds will be used to prepare clinical study of Aleva’s directSTIM™ novel directional deep brain stimulation system in patients with Parkinson’s disease –

Aleva Neurotherapeutics, a leading company developing next-generation implants for deep brain stimulation (DBS) in major neurological indications such as Parkinson´s disease, today announced that it has been awarded a grant from The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF).

The grant of up to $180,000 is dedicated to development of Aleva’s directSTIM™ device, a complete directional DBS system for sustained therapy in Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor. The funds will go toward the preparation of a clinical study assessing the long-term clinical performance of directSTIM™ in a prospective, single-arm, open trial in people with Parkinson’s disease.

“We are delighted to receive a grant from The Michael J. Fox Foundation for our directional deep brain stimulation system,” said André Mercanzini, CTO and Founder of Aleva Neurotherapeutics. “The grant will provide pivotal support for the validation of our cutting-edge directional stimulation system and for obtaining market clearance for directSTIM™ in Europe.”

Currently available DBS systems continuously radiate stimulation, leading to side effects such as nausea and numbness. The Aleva system controls the direction of the electrical current in the brain, aiming for fewer side effects and less post-operative maintenance.

“A primary goal of our Foundation is improved treatments for the millions of people living with Parkinson’s disease,” said Adria Martig, PhD, Associate Director of Research Programs at MJFF. “We are enthusiastic about the Aleva deep brain stimulation system as it may provide an optimized therapeutic option for treating the debilitating motor symptoms of the disease.”