Company News: COPAL® Knee Moulds Allow to Prepare the Ideal Knee Spacer – Quickly and Easily

For revision operations of artificial knee joints, Heraeus has devised an innovative solution to facilitate the preparation of high-quality knee spacers adapted to individual patients. Infections in knee joint prostheses are a challenge for surgeons and a burden for patients. Out of 1,500,000 knee joint operations annually worldwide there are 125,000 revisions, of which 20% are caused by infections. The two-stage switch procedure, i.e. the removal of the old and implantation of the new prosthesis in two chronologically separate interventions, has established itself as the standard treatment. At the same time, during the waiting period between the two operations, a spacer made of bone cement containing antibiotics assists therapy and the elimination (eradication) of germs from the infection.

With COPAL® knee moulds, Heraeus has developed an innovative solution designed for the simple and rapid preparation of knee spacers. Heraeus is thus expanding its tried-and-tested COPAL® product portfolio for the revision and management of periprosthetic infections (PJI).

Prepare implant-like spacers from bone cement yourself

COPAL® knee moulds are moulds designed for the preparation of implant-like knee spacers with articulating bearings. The range of motion is thereby preserved and the formation of contractures and scar tissue prevented. Spacers made from COPAL® knee moulds have a smooth surface, as a result of which particle wear is reduced and irritations prevented.

Preparation of spacers adapted to individual patients are possible

COPAL® knee moulds are available in three mould sizes (S, M, L) and have a height-adjustable tibia component and an optional stem. This enables spacers individually adapted to patients and their bone situation to be prepared. The shape stability of COPAL® knee moulds means that the high quality spacer design can be easily reproduced.