Company News: ISA Pharmaceuticals obtains broad patent protection in the US for proprietary AMPLIVANT® platform and compounds

– Granted US patent provides market exclusivity until 2032

ISA Pharmaceuticals B.V., a clinical-stage immunotherapy company focusing on rationally designed immunotherapeutics against cancer and persistent viral infections, today announced it has been granted a US patent on its AMPLIVANT® technology and compounds (patent no. 9,314,521). The patent ensures market protection in the United States until 2032 and covers the compounds, either as a stand-alone substance or in combination with antigenic peptides, nucleic acids or antibodies. The patent also covers the process for preparing the compounds.

ISA’s AMPLIVANT® technology provides an adjuvant that has been demonstrated to improve the immunostimulatory potency of SLP® immunotherapeutics 100- to 1000-fold. It comprises a synthetic small molecule toll-like receptor 1/2 (TLR1/2) ligand with enhanced immunostimulatory activity that can be used as a stand-alone additive or chemically coupled to immunotherapeutic compounds like synthetic peptides during the SLP® manufacturing process. SLP®-AMPLIVANT® conjugate compounds allow for lower doses at higher efficacy through better dendritic cell antigen processing and presentation as well as enhanced T cell priming. At present, clinical researchers at Leiden University Medical Center are evaluating the safety and immunogenicity of two SLP®-AMPLIVANT® conjugates in patients affected by HPV16+ disease (HESPECTA trial).

“This patent is the first of a family of patents and highly significant for the future development and protection of our next-generation SLP products,” said Ronald Loggers, ISA Pharmaceutical’s Chief Executive Officer. “With market protection in the US until 2032, we have added another level of protection to our products and, potentially, other applications.”