Company News: Curetis and Axonlab sign multi-market European distribution agreement

– Axonlab to become exclusive distributor for all Unyvero products in selected Central and Eastern European countries

Curetis N.V. (the “Company” and, together with Curetis GmbH, “Curetis“), a developer of next-level molecular diagnostic solutions, and Axon Lab AG, a service company focusing on medical diagnostics, life science and software solutions for the healthcare sector, today announced the signing of an exclusive, three-year distribution agreement for Curetis’ Unyvero products in Central and Eastern European countries, including Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia. The agreement also includes contractual minimum purchase commitments by Axonlab.

Through the partnership, Curetis expands its distribution network by four additional countries and transfers the commercialization responsibilities for one of its former direct selling territories (Austria) to Axonlab. The agreement is part of Curetis’ expanded commercial effort in Western Europe and allows the companies to leverage Curetis’ existing installed base in Austria, with Axonlab acquiring multiple commercially installed Unyvero Systems for cash up-front.

Axonlab will deploy a core team of several dedicated molecular diagnostics commercial representatives covering these markets. This deployment structure will ensure optimal resource allocation for Curetis in the region.

Axonlab has dedicated microbiology and molecular diagnostics franchises and direct offices in each of the countries covered under the agreement, and it is well positioned to accelerate the commercial launch of Unyvero in the CEE markets.

Curetis will continue its direct sales programs in its home market of Germany, as well as in Switzerland, the UK, France and the Benelux region.

“We are excited to partner with Curetis for the commercial distribution of the Unyvero Platform with all of its current and future Application Cartridges in several of our core markets in Europe,” said Guido Mueller, General Manager Austria of Axonlab. “We believe that Unyvero offers unique and differentiated syndromic panels to our customers in hospitals and microbiology laboratories. This collaboration is expected to be another driver for our future growth here at Axonlab in the years ahead.”

Dr. Achim Plum, Chief Commercial Officer of Curetis N.V., added, “This strategic commercial distribution agreement for multiple markets in Central and Eastern Europe makes perfect business sense for Curetis. We expect that the Axonlab partnership will allow us to accelerate the commercial roll-out of Unyvero products in smaller markets, such as Austria, while adding several new markets to our distribution portfolio. Moreover, the agreement allows us to focus our direct commercial efforts on the largest Western European markets, such as the UK, France, Benelux and Germany as well as Switzerland, to drive our growth. We currently have a presence in more than thirty countries, either directly or through our ten distribution partners. We plan to continue expanding this worldwide network through the addition of new commercial partners.”