Company News: New textbook describes the latest research results for the treatment of periprosthetic joint infections

— The collected volume provides a clear overview of information about the diagnosis, therapy, prevention and costs of joint infections

— Available as of October 2017

The recently published textbook ‘Management of Periprosthetic Joint Infections’ presents a clear overview of the latest developments and findings in the treatment of periprosthetic infections in hip and knee joints. The authors of the volume are renowned international experts in their particular areas, and in their contributions to the book share their many years of clinical experience using numerous clinical case studies. The editor is Professor Klaus-Dieter Kühn of the Medical University of Graz and Senior Scientific Advisor at Heraeus Medical.

‘The book is intended to encourage doctors to apply the latest findings in the therapy and prevention of periprosthetic infections and thus to continuously improve treatment options and outcomes’, said Kühn.

Professor Klaus-Dieter Kühn sees a considerable need for the collection: ‘The treatment of periprosthetic infections has changed greatly in recent decades. One of the most important developments is that treatment is now administered by an interdisciplinary medical team made up of orthopaedic surgeons, infection specialists, microbiologists, pathologists and – depending on the case – plastic surgeons as well.’ There are also new surgical methods, technologies and materials such as antibiotic-loaded bone cements, e.g., from Heraeus Medical, and antibacterial coatings, as well as procedures for the removal of biofilms, the detection of pathogens and antibiotic resistances, and for diagnostics.

The book is published in English and is available from Springer Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg (ISBN 978-3-662-54468-6) in printed format or as