Company News: Curetis Expands Geographic Presence with Entry into Northern African and Latin American Markets

— New Unyvero distribution partnerships in Egypt, Mexico, and Uruguay

— Contractual commitments for 45 Unyvero Systems

Curetis N.V. (the “Company” and together with its subsidiaries “Curetis“), a developer of next-level molecular diagnostic solutions, today announced exclusive distribution partnerships in Egypt, Mexico, and Uruguay with Future Horizon Scientific, Quimica Valaner S.A. de C.V., and Biko S.A., respectively. The signing of these agreements follows a systematic qualification process conducted by Curetis, which focused on identifying distributors that are experienced in commercializing innovative products for international molecular diagnostics companies.

Each of the three new distribution partners intends to commercialize all five Unyvero Application Cartridges that are currently CE-IVD-marked: HPN for pneumonia, ITI for implant and tissue infections, BCU for bloodstream infections, IAI for intra-abdominal infections, and UTI for urinary tract infections. To establish the installed base of Unyvero Analyzers required to run these cartridge-based tests, the partners have in total committed to purchasing a minimum of 45 Unyvero systems at Curetis’ distributor transfer prices over a three-year period. In addition, they have collectively committed to minimum purchases of several thousand Application Cartridges over the term of the agreements.

The agreements will allow Curetis to expand its commercial reach into countries in Northern Africa and Latin America. Initial commercialization activities are expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2018, following product registrations in the respective countries. The process of registering Unyvero in each of these countries has been initiated following the execution of the respective agreements.

“We are excited to partner with Future Horizon Scientific, Quimica Valaner, and Biko as top-tier distributors that have built strong track records in working with companies like QIAGEN, Bio-Rad, Bruker, and GE Healthcare,” said Oliver Schacht, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Curetis. “Egypt, Mexico, and Uruguay are important countries in the Northern African and Latin American healthcare markets. We anticipate that selling our products through partners in these markets will increasingly contribute to our revenue growth in the coming years. Within just a few months of joining the Company, our new Head of Global Commercial Partner Management, Eneko Goya, has not only negotiated and closed these three agreements, but has also generated a strong pipeline and a very healthy funnel of new distribution partnership opportunities, which we intend to drive to contract closures in the coming months.”

“Since its foundation, Quimica Valaner’s spirit has been the introduction of reliable and innovative diagnostic technologies to the Mexican market”, said Homero Hernandez, CEO of Quimica Valaner. “We are convinced that Curetis’ Unyvero solution will resolve important limitations in the diagnosis of infectious diseases in Mexico, creating a direct benefit for the quality-of-life of the Mexican population as well as a sustainable and successful business alliance between Quimica Valaner and Curetis.”

To-date, Curetis has signed 16 distribution partnerships covering 29 countries and is planning to expand its distribution network and commercial reach through further partnerships with suitably positioned distributors.