Company News: VesselSens: First Research Group at Life Science Inkubator Bonn to Receive Funding from EXIST Program


— Preclinical development of an implantable sensor system for the wireless detection of vascular constriction funded with EUR 1 mn

VesselSens is the first research group based at Life Science Inkubator (LSI) Bonn, Germany, to receive funding from the EXIST Transfer of Research Program by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). VesselSens is developing novel sensor technologies for the early, non-invasive detection of a recurrent vascular constriction at the site of an implanted stent (restenosis). The VesselSens team headed by Alexej Domnich will receive EUR 984,000 during the next 18 months for advancing its preclinical research and development program. The incorporation of VesselSens will also take place during the EXIST funding period.

Following a stent implantation, the VesselSens technology allows for the non-invasive and reliable monitoring of the permeability of the stented vessel. Together with the stent, pressure sensors to track the pulse wave velocity are implanted in close proximity to the prothesis. These sensors trigger an alarm in case the pulse wave velocity increases due to a constriction. Thereby, recurring constrictions can be detected early enough to prevent potentially dramatic harm.

Project head Alexej Domnich has been pursuing the now patented concept of an ‘intelligent stent’ since 2010. He previously worked at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (Fraunhofer IPA) in Stuttgart. With a new team and the incubation at LSI in 2015, his work has been successfully continued and was funded with a EUR 1.7 million grant from the Ministry of Culture and Science of the state North-Rhine Westphalia.

„We are delighted about the possibility to continue our preclinical research and development activities at LSI with the funding provided by the EXIST Transfer of Research Program, because it allows us to further access the excellent infrastructure and the professional entrepreneurship support of LSI Bonn,” said Alexej Domnich. „We are convinced that VesselSens develops a platform technology with broad application potential even beyond restenosis monitoring.”

„We are very pleased that this groundbreaking project has won the support of the jury of the EXIST Transfer of Research Program. Following the successful incubation at LSI, this allows for a promising incorporation financed by investors and the LSI Pre-Seed Fund,” added Dr. Jörg Fregien, Managing Director of LSI Bonn.