Adept Neuro Reaches Key Milestone in the Development of Novel Intracerebral Stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG) Electrodes


— Second investment tranche provided by DIXI medical

— Preparation of regulatory certifications and market launch

Adept Neuro SA (Lausanne, Switzerland), a joint venture of DIXI Medical (Le Locle, Switzerland, and Besançon, France) and Aleva Neurotherapeutics SA (Lausanne, Switzerland) developing a new generation of intracerebral stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG) electrodes facilitating localization and thermocoagulation of the epileptogenic zones, today announced that it has reached a significant milestone in the development of MEMS-enabled smart SEEGs electrodes. MEMS are micro-electro-mechanical systems allowing for miniaturization and great flexibility of design.

DIXI Medical  will be investing its second tranche into Adept Neuro well ahead of the previously scheduled date, as per its development agreement. DIXI Medical is now targeting regulatory certifications, both in the US and the EU. It expects to have its new product generation on the US market in H1’2022 and a follow-up product with enhanced sensing capabilities that will be a game-changer for practitioners and patients by H2’2023.

“We are impressed how far we have come in the past 24 months and are pleased to switch our collaboration into higher gear with this next investment tranche, said Frederic Koehn, CEO of DIXI Medical. “We have been equally impressed with what Adept’s MEMS technology can do in providing new product features and capabilities for our existing customers. Dixi is continuing to invest into new manufacturing and supply infrastructure in order to be ready for the commercial-scale production of SEEGs electrodes for drug-refractory epilepsy patients.

Dr. Andre Mercanzini, Founder of Aleva Neurotherapeutics and Executive Chairman of Adept Neuro, added: “Our team at Adept has been moving quickly and we are well ahead of our own optimistic expectations. Dixi has been a formidable partner, and their existing sales channel and loyal customer base ensures a rapid uptake of our innovative SEEGs solutions. Furthermore, Dixi’s manufacturing base has been able to quickly absorb the advantages of MEMS technology on their assembly lines, which further ensures quality and time to market for the technology.


About Adept Neuro SA

Adept Neuro is a joint venture between DIXI Medical and Aleva Neurotherapeutics developing a new generation of intracerebral stereoelectroencephalography (SEEG) electrodes to facilitate localization and thermocoagulation of epileptogenic zones. The Company has exclusive access to Aleva Neurotherapeutics´ MEMS technology in epilepsy, which allows great flexibility of design and miniaturization, and also benefits from DIXI Medical´s leadership in the manufacturing of intracerebral electrodes for SEEG. The Company is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

About Aleva Neurotherapeutics SA

Aleva Neurotherapeutics develops next-generation neurostimulation technologies and devices for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) therapy. Its solutions are designed to be more precise and more efficient than currently available DBS approaches while causing fewer side effects. Based on its proprietary technology, Aleva has developed novel brain stimulation products with different properties. The first, called directSTIM™, is a complete Directional Deep Brain Stimulation System for long-term therapy in Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor.

The company is a spin-off from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) Microsystems Laboratory of Prof. Philippe Renaud. Aleva Neurotherapeutics has raised over USD 60 million from renowned private and institutional investors.

About Dixi Group

Dixi is a family-owned industrial conglomerate active in industrial tooling, microtechnology, medical devices, and micromechanics subcontracting. Its 600+ collaborators are located mainly between Switzerland and France with subsidiaries in the USA, the Netherland, Spain, and Germany.

About DIXI Medical SAS

The DIXI Medical story started back in the 1970s with the request from French physicians to develop dedicated electrodes for SEEG surgeries. Over 40 years later, DIXI Medical still has the same focus on epilepsy care and SEEG electrodes. Constant optimization of the products to ensure the best signal quality and a smooth surgical flow ensure DIXI Medical a solid customer base worldwide. DIXI Medical is proud to support SEEG since its origins, and continues to innovate to help improve the quality of life of drug-resistant patients worldwide.