Glooko Announces Collaboration with Novo Nordisk for European Connected Pen Launches

— Research Finds Connected Pens Significantly Reduce Missed Doses and Improves Time in Recommended Glucose Range —

Glooko Inc., a leading provider of remote patient monitoring and data management solutions for diabetes and other chronic conditions, announced a strategic collaboration with Novo Nordisk that will benefit people with diabetes in Germany, and other European markets, through the development of connected insulin pen solutions. Through this collaboration, the companies are integrating two new connected or “smart” insulin pens, NovoPen® 6 and NovoPen Echo® Plus, with Glooko’s mobile apps and cloud-based platforms.

Glooko’s platforms are compatible with more than 95 percent of diabetes devices globally. This collaboration with Novo Nordisk now expands upon the company’s device-agnostic model for remote patient monitoring and data management, expanding and customizing care management options for people with diabetes and their healthcare providers.

The new smart pens automatically record dosage times and amounts, storing up to three months of such data and enabling them to be transferred into the Glooko platform. Different from conventional insulin pens, which require the user to manually record all the data involved with each insulin dose, the new smart pens not only facilitate the uninterrupted digital recording of insulin dosing data, but also provide the possibility to transfer the recorded data via near-field communication NFC.

With the integration of the reporting and analytics functions of the Glooko® platform, the new smart pens enable patients to capture all their dosing data and help them and their providers quickly recognize data about missed insulin doses. The Glooko integration also makes it possible for patients to view data via graphically-oriented reports that can help them recognize trends so they can take action to improve their treatment plan.

“Glooko is very pleased to partner with Novo Nordisk on this integration of our products,” said Russ Johannesson, CEO of Glooko. “Studies have shown that when smart insulin devices are synced with digital health tools, it improves outcomes. We are excited about the continued expansion of our working relationship with Novo Nordisk and look forward to providing more innovative products in the very near future for people in Germany looking to improve their health care regimens.”

NovoPen 6, in fact, was used by patients in the first real-world outcomes study using smart pens in clinical practice, which was conducted recently at 12 diabetes clinics across Sweden. The study showed that patients reduced the number of missed insulin bolus doses at mealtime by 43 percent (P=0.002). They also significantly increased the proportion of time their glucose levels stayed in the recommended range from 41.4 to 49.9 percent of the time (P<0.001).[1]

Glooko is the global leader in diabetes patient data with over 32 billion data points. Adding Novo Nordisk’s connected insulin pens in additional global markets will increase this data at Glooko, and benefit healthcare providers and clinical researchers around the world, via access to real world data and applying it to studies for improved therapeutics for patients with chronic conditions.


About Glooko

Glooko is transforming digital health by connecting people with diabetes and related conditions and their healthcare teams, enabling telehealth, clinical research, and improved collaboration. The company’s software platforms, Glooko® and diasend®, empower the management of diabetes and other chronic conditions by collecting and unlocking the power of data from blood-glucose meters, CGMs, insulin pumps, connected insulin pens, blood pressure cuffs, nutrition apps, connected scales and activity trackers – bringing insights together in one place. Data is easily uploaded – remotely via app or in-clinic, securely shared, and visualized in actionable charts and graphs. This creates a solid foundation enabling collaboration and confident treatment decisions. The platforms are compatible with over 95% of global diabetes devices along with health monitoring devices, giving people with diabetes and other chronic conditions and their care teams the freedom of choice. Over 3 million users have benefitted from health data insights using Glooko’s solutions, which are trusted by world leaders in diabetes and chronic care, and used in 29 countries across 22 languages. Learn more at


[1] Adolfsson P, Hartvig NV, Kaas A, Moller JB, Hellman J: Increased Time in Range and Fewer Missed Bolus Injections After Introduction of a Smart Connected Insulin Pen. Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics 2020;22:709-718.