Allero Therapeutics Receives EIC Horizon Grant to Advance Treatment of Celiac Disease

– Specific OroMucosal ImmunoTherapy (SOMIT) for celiac disease patients supported with EUR 2.5mn funding

Allero Therapeutics BV, a Dutch oromucosal immunotherapy company, today announced that the Company has received a EUR 2.5 million EIC Horizon Grant provided by the European Commission to advance novel treatments for celiac disease patients. The program is based on Allero´s proprietary SOMIT (Specific OroMucosal ImmunoTherapy) platform technology for the treatment of antigen-driven immune disorders.

In the European Union alone, approximately 7.4 million individuals suffer from celiac disease. If untreated, celiac disease can lead to life-threatening conditions such as lymphoma, intestinal carcinoma, osteoporosis, and spleen atrophy. The only causal treatment so far is a strict, life-long gluten-free diet. However, gluten is found in most standard foods such as bread, pasta, or even beverages, which makes a life-long adherence to a gluten-free diet very challenging.

Allero Therapeutics’ goal is to develop a curative treatment for patients suffering from celiac disease by restoring immune tolerance with a short-course treatment. The Company has already demonstrated that its antigen-specific SOMIT therapy modulates the oral mucosa, which is an important target for the treatment of patients with celiac disease (Frontiers in Immunology), and results in efficacious desensitization in a translational food allergy model following a short-course sublingual immunotherapy protocol (Clinical & Experimental Allergy).

“We are delighted about the EIC Horizon grant, which allows us to accelerate the development of our SOMIT therapy for celiac disease patients,” said Emil Pot, CEO of Allero Therapeutics. “We are convinced that our approach can be translated to other immune disorders and are committed to bringing our SOMIT therapy to patients in urgent need of disease-modifying or even curative treatments.”

Recently, Allero entered into a research collaboration agreement with a large pharma company in an undisclosed disease indication.

Allero Therapeutics’ application for this EIC Accelerator grant in the Horizon Europe funding program (2021-2027) was prepared with the dedicated support of the life science and health consulting firm FFUND (




About Allero Therapeutics

Allero Therapeutics was founded in November 2016 and seed-financed in 2019 by Curie Capital and Swanbridge Capital. Allero Therapeutics is an immunotherapy company building a portfolio of first-in-class programs based on its proprietary Specific OroMucosal ImmunoTherapy (SOMIT) technology platform. The Company is developing a pipeline of products in the field of immune disorders such as celiac disease, which currently affect 10% of the population worldwide – with rising tendency. While there is no cure other than avoidance of particular gluten ingredients, patients and families are experiencing a significant impact on their quality of life. More info: