Safer Travel to Africa Through Innovative Malaria Treatment

In an exciting advancement for international travel, DMG Deutsche Malaria GmbH, a pioneering Hamburg-based pharmaceutical company, is pleased to announce the development of a groundbreaking malaria treatment poised to significantly enhance travel safety to Africa. The treatment with its internal working title “MalaJic” (Malaria treatment Just In Case), represents a revolutionary step in standby healthcare for travellers to sub-Saharan Africa.

For non-immune visitors to this region, the risks associated with malaria are profound, with untreated infections having a mortality risk as high as twenty percent. Traditional treatments, while effective, have been marred by severe side effects, poor patient adherence, and an alarming increase in resistance to existing monotherapies. MalaJic emerges as a superior alternative, boasting a novel triple active ingredient formula that offers high levels of efficacy and safety.

Members of the development team led by Dr David Hutchinson, Managing Director of DMG with more than forty years of experience with malaria therapeutics, humorously remark that “It’s not magic, it’s MalaJic”. This innovative product is designed as a standby treatment, conveniently carried in a suitcase, backpack, or pocket and to be administered at the first signs of malaria. Composed of artesunate, clindamycin, and fosmidomycin, MalaJic promises rapid and reliable cures, outperforming other therapies in speed, effectiveness and tolerability.

Artesunate, the frontline drug in malaria treatment, is paired with clindamycin and fosmidomycin, enhancing the therapeutic impact without compromising safety. This trio of drugs not only combats malaria with maximum cure rates but also addresses various bacterial infections, providing an additional layer of protection for travellers.

Moreover, MalaJic’s ingredients are characterised by a short half-life and swift elimination from the body, minimizing potential side effects. Their distinct modes of action create a robust defence against the evolution of parasite resistance, setting a new standard in malaria therapy.

As global warming expands the geographical reach of malaria, potentially affecting southern Europe, MalaJic’s relevance extends beyond the current endemic areas. It stands as a potential lifesaver for millions of travellers, including the growing numbers of tourists and business travellers from Europe and the Americas venturing into sub-Saharan Africa each year.

DMG Deutsche Malaria GmbH is committed to enhancing global health security through innovative solutions like MalaJic, ensuring safer travelling and protecting lives against one of the world’s most deadly infectious diseases.