Company News: Curetis Obtains Key Patent for Unyvero™ Technology

–      Australian patent office grants patent for integrated amplification and detection in Unyvero™ cartridges

–      Patent covers unique combination of end-point PCR with array-based detection

Curetis AG, a developer of next-level molecular diagnostic solutions, today announced that it has been granted a core technology patent by IP Australia, the Australian patent office, for its Unyvero™ platform technology. The patent, “Reaction Vessel For PCR Device and Method of Performing PCR,” is the first of several core technology patents filed by Curetis. Its claims cover PCR chamber vessels allowing the integrated amplification and detection of DNA sequences. Curetis has submitted patent applications covering this technology in other key regions, including Europe, the U.S. and Japan. The Company expects these additional patents to be granted in the near future.

Further patents covering additional aspects of the Unyvero™ Solution, e.g. the unique sample lysis technology, are pending.